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Literacy Tutoring

Our literacy tutoring program provides intense support through customized instruction that is designed to meet the needs of students who are performing below grade level benchmarks in reading. This program particularly strengthens the comprehensive development of foundational skills in all key areas of literacy: text comprehension, writing, phonology, vocabulary and language comprehension, and fluency. In the strongest readers and writers, these fundamental skills are well developed by the end of 2nd grade. However, in many cases, especially among children of color, English learners, and students who are the most economically disadvantaged, such abilities are often under-developed. Hence, they struggle to meet grade-level expectations throughout their years of schooling. This often creates other issues in a child’s life, including the breakdown of their self-esteem – which can lead to behavioral and many other challenges. The older a student gets without having these needs addressed, the wider the gaps become; and for some, they unfortunately never get filled. Our tutoring services were, therefore, established to make available, affordable opportunities for students to get the kind of careful attention to their learning progress that every child deserves – and to do so as early in their development as possible.

First, students are assessed so that the tutor can develop a customized learning plan based on the data obtained from the assessment. Once the data has been analyzed, the tutor meets with parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide a summary and proposed next steps. It is highly recommended that students who need tutoring can be committed to receiving at least two 30-minute sessions each week. Upon agreement, sessions may be virtual or in-person and can be conveniently scheduled online at any time by a parent or guardian.

What’s Included:

  • Customized instruction based on performance assessment that is conducted during initial visit
  • 30 minutes of one-on-one literacy tutoring, per session (recommended twice/week)
  • Weekly analysis of student performance and creation of responsive instructional plans
  • Student writing journal
  • FREE access to hundreds of high quality, engaging texts via digital platforms: Raz-Kids, Epic, and Scholastic Magazines, and take-home books!

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